Cops and Martial Arts

Police Training Re-Imagined — Rener Gracie

I spent a good share of my early police career teaching “defensive tactics” to police. My background is in the Asian martial arts of Judo, Taekwondo and Kendo.

While cruising YouTube, I ran across a most interesting video by Rener Gracie of the famous Brazilian jujitsu family and grandson of the founder.

In it, Gracie captured the main problems surrounding police uses of force. In a word, lack of consistent and high-quality effective training!

I hope every police leader and defensive tactics trainer reviews this video and then act on solving this major problem (uses of deadly force and the civic trauma and liability this problem continues to generate).

Police must train more, and train on a consistent basis, in the essentials of effectively restraining a suspect without having to severely injure or extinguish their life in the process.

Good work here, Rener, you’ve identified the problem and offered a reasonable and do-able plan and solution.

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