Dress Matters

A pressing question facing both police and the communities they serve is how did police move so quickly from this —

To this?

And what are the ramifications and unintended consequences of doing so?

I might add that the “presentation of self;” how we dress — is how we see ourselves and how we want to be seen by others matters and matters greatly if communities, especially communities of color are ever going to trust and support those who police their neighborhoods.

So, if police wish to be viewed as “guardians” rather than “warriors” in their daily, routine work, how might they dress in order to make their role of guardian be understood and accepted by those policed?

Quite frankly, as a retired police officer, I find the present uniform conglomeration of most police agencies to be highly offensive and counter to their role protecting and serving. It’s time to keep the hardware in reserve. Every call should not require such armament.


  1. I miss the old days when the cops just carry a gun, baton, and wore a white shirt, and an eight-point that you see on the movie It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad world


  2. Yeah, I miss the old days when many police officers wore a white shirt, the hat that is shown in the above picture, a baton, and a gun or when they wore the LAPD Adam 12 police uniforms. It makes the cops less threatening. Nowadays, you can’t tell the difference between a cop and a member of the armed forces when both of them wear combat gear.


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