Feeling Blue


during dark times of trouble

i become a poet

only there do i 

reach the depth of feelings

love death loss

so it is with that woman

that woman with whom i love

yet struggle

lady justice

she knows i was dyed (died?)


boy on a mission

shiny badge with lethal consequences

then cometh God (oh, yes necessary to insert here)

this entity which represents





justice with mercy

and yes truth oh truth

(there i said it) 

values strengthen our thin blue line

those who stand with the capacity to help must

be or become good

very very good

those called with large hearts

enamored in love with

my woman and her sister fairness

yet trust and hope so quickly broken


by those lost with small

fear-filled hearts

with knees on necks

i am tired

said what i had to say

my aging self saddened grieving

for what still could be a shining blueness


distributing justice with mercy

do you who stand in line hear me?

(you now bear this burden this responsibility!)

do you not know this was once accomplished? could once again be resurrected?

do you not hear me?


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