What Needs to Be Done

     I stumbled across an article from 2005 from sociology, my old field of study. At least one sociologist confirms most of the things I have written in my new book. Read this about whether police can be improved from Prof. Ronald Weitzer of George Washington University:

“Any reform will remain meaningless if not backed up with sufficient resources and a firm commitment from departmental leadership. Moreover, for reforms to ‘stick,’ they must become part of the organizational culture. Increasing the percentage of minority officers in a department from, say, 10 percent to 25 percent is unlikely to have any effect on the police subculture. Increasing their presence to 50 percent or more may be more consequential. Community policing programs that are marginalized and piecemeal will have few positive results, but when they guide the philosophy and practice of the entire department, a community orientation seems to improve matters significantly. When top police officials wholeheartedly embrace the changes and convey their importance to patrol officers, reforms stand a better chance of being incorporated into the police culture, of truly improving police practice, and of increasing popular confidence in the police department.”  To see the entire article click HERE.

Yep, that’s it.

  • Reforms need to become internalized into the police culture.
  • Community policing needs to be the philosophy and practice of the ENTIRE department — not marginalized or piecemeal.
  • Community orientation significantly matters.
  • W hen police improve, public confidence rises.
  • Leadership matters.

Weitzer is also the author of Policing Under Fire and coauthor of Race and Policing in America.

Now let’s move forward!

We know what needs to be done.