PART 2 of 10

first stepAfter Madison’s transformative steps in the early 1970s, I knew that it needed to be a continuing organizational process.

In the early 1980s, more change, and a new transformation, was needed to reduce the top-down hierarchical nature of the department into one that was more collaborative and supported the good and creative ideas of the fine men and women we had hired over the last decade.

Good ideas and suggestions for improvement was not just the job of bosses like me, it was everyone’s job; especially in an organization that was committed to being fair and effective in its work.

The question was how to do that? The department went through a bone-shattering upheaval when I came in as a young chief of police from outside the department. And the first wave of change was essentially done “top-down” and produced considerable resistance. Could there now be a way which involved everyone in the organization and with less trauma?

Although we had received high marks in our orientation to the community and in diversifying the organization, I had not really unleashed the potential power of the intelligent, creative, and committed women and men I had hired over the years.

Through a series of learnings on my part gained mostly from the teaching of Dr W. Edwards Deming (and some hard knocks), I knew more changes had to be made.

But this transformation would have to begin with me.

The next blog: “Police Transformation: It Begins with You!”

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