PART 7 of 10

The following is part of a memorandum in which I, as the chief, introduced my vision to members of my department.

It became the introduction to both the old and the new workbooks:

There has been interest expressed in gaining better insight regarding the quality improvement method and Quality Leadership and what my expectations are from the supervisors and managers of the department.

“First of all, let me state that these ideas are not new in value or concept. Some people refer to them as basic Sunday school. That is true, but what is new is actually practicing these principles in our workplace; not merely giving them lip service.

“We, the police, have long been noted for our tenacity in maintaining the authoritarian organization while the rest of the organizational world goes on without us. What we are attempting to do with the concepts of quality improvement and Quality Leadership is to use them to be in step with the more successful organizations of today and meet the needs of our employees.

  • Overall, my vision is for us to achieve excellence in policing. You need to know something about this vision so that you understand where we are going and can align your organizational effort towards it:
  • Our style and practice of leadership will be illustrated by the Principles of Quality Leadership — we will become a quality-driven, community-oriented police department.
  • We will have systematically and effectively instituted each of the twelve principles of Quality Leadership within each and every work unit and will have the data to prove it.
  • We will have developed long-term total customer satisfaction with our community(s) and will have data to prove it.
  • We will be able to effectively answer the question, How do you know we are a quality organization?

 “I will try and describe these concepts in this workbook; each of the twelve principles and how they apply to our work. No book currently exists to help us put these ideas into practice. We, together, may be writing that book.

 “These ideas come from a number of values, and successful practices in today’s business and corporate world. They set a work climate that will permit us to grow and pursue excellence in policing.

 “Although I have stated that a quality leader must practice all of the twelve principles, we all realize and recognize that this will take time. We may not all progress at the same rate and may not all get there at the same time. Therefore, we need to help each other along this road to quality.”

The next blog: “Police Transformation: Expectations for Leaders.”

The New Quality Leadership Workbook will be available June 2, 2014 at the eBook store.

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