Someone this week will be the 100,000 visitor to this blog! And they may not even be from the United States. “Improving Police” has had visits these past two years from folks from over 140 countries.

In my office, probably late 80s with my trusted companions for a quarter of a century: Dr King’s quote, “No man is free until all men are free.” And Ghandi’s, “In a gentle way you can shake the world.”

As of this week, I have written 229 posts — all concerned with improving police and identifying the issues which I believe keep police from improving. Blogs will continue to be posted as long as I am able.

Two years ago, I released “Arrested Development” as something I needed to say which included not only the obstacles facing police but a seven-step way to improve things (www.createspace.com/3802511).

In order to help police leaders improve, my wife and I have now revised and renewed “The Quality Leadership Workbook” which is, in fact, a tutorial for police with plenty of challenging questions and exercises in the areas of values, quality, data, leadership, and organizational transformation. (www.createspace.com/415020). For a 30% early bird discount, use the code B288HNR4 when checking out. This offer ends June 8.

We are also approaching 500 “Followers” who wish to be connected with this site (When you click the “follow” tab you will receive an email every time I make a post on this site). So please become a “follower” — engage and comment.

And join me as I continue to be passionate about police — a field in which I served for over 30 years.

Now in my mid-70s, my wife and I have retired just west of Madison in the Blue Mounds area. I continue my passion to help police become all that they can be. I have taken on the role not of police critic, but of police philosopher.


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