Do we, as a nation (and as police professionals) have an understanding of that which police in our society are expected to BE and DO?


Here’s what Mike Scott and I came up with a couple of years ago. Mike is a former chief of police and director of the POP Center:




Qualities of Police in a Free and Democratic Society

  1. Accountable to those whom we serve.
  2.  Collaborative with our communities.
  3. College educated and thoroughly trained.
  4. Effective in what we do and oriented toward preventing crime and other disorder.
  5. Honest to a fault.
  6. Model citizens and personally reflect the founding values of our democracy.
  7. Peacekeepers and protectors of those who cannot care for themselves.
  8. Racially representative of the communities we serve with a significant number of women in our ranks.
  9. Respectful to everyone with whom we contact.
  10. Restrained in our use of force and, whenever possible, opt for less-than-lethal force.
  11. Servant leaders in our contacts with others and the way in which we lead our organizations.
  12. Unbiased in our actions and deal with all people fairly. 

If you are a current or retired police officer and in agreement with these qualities, please sign up and let your voice be heard. 

[p.s. As this blog is about improvement, so I need to hear from you about how this blog can be improved to better meet your needs. Please take a couple of minutes by clicking HERE and give me some feedback. THANKS!]

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  1. Ferguson …… given that it’s already facing $40 million in lawsuits for “wanton and excessive force” against protesters.
    The conversation has to be escalated so that the communities across the nation know what is happening….. didn’t we learn anything from the Rodney King era?


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