Report From the Chicago PERF Meeting

Last week I posted a suggested agenda for police leaders belonging to PERFUnknown when they gathered in Chicago on Monday. Maybe some of them were listening according to the following news report by Fiona Ortiz of Reuters News.

“Dozens of police chiefs meeting in Chicago this week said a notorious fatal police shooting in Ferguson, Missouri in August had been a defining moment for law enforcement and pledged greater transparency over such incidents… every police shooting since Ferguson has been followed by protests.

“The chiefs said they had agreed to quickly release details of such shootings, including names of officers involved, in jurisdictions where it is legal to do so…

“Protests over the Ferguson shooting were fed by anger that the police withheld information about the officer involved and details of the incident.

“The chiefs said that they had to lead a cultural shift in policing – emphasizing the importance of de-escalating potentially violent situations – that is often resisted by the rank and file who fear appearing soft on crime…

“The chiefs said that even though a police shooting might be ruled justifiable under law, they had to hold officers to higher moral and ethical standards to satisfy the community.

“’All it takes is one that doesn’t do the right thing, and we need to step up and separate that officer from employment and pursue criminal charges. We had a frank discussion about the leadership it takes to do that…’”

[To read the full article CLICK HERE.]

I’d like to hear more about the meeting and how many of the “five elephants”* got sent out to pasture.

A leader fixes and improves things!




[*]   The Five Elephants on the Chief’s Office:

1.  Response to public protest.

2.  Use of force as a first, not last, resort.

3.  Discourtesy and disrespect toward racial minorities and the poor.

4.  Lack of diversity with regard to race, ethnicity, color and gender.

5.  Increasing militarization.



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