Seven Ferguson Blogs

Ferguson, MIssouri
Ferguson, Missouri

Here is a list of the blogs I have written since August 9, 2014 regarding the situation in Ferguson, Missouri.

The incident is far from being resolved and demands our attention:


1.  AUGUST 12: Do Police Matter? Take Ferguson For Example

2.  AUGUST 18: Ferguson: Deja Vu?

3.  AUGUST 28: Seven Steps for Ferguson

4.  SEPTEMBER 27: More on Ferguson: The Bracelets

5.  OCTOBER 6: Police Change in Ferguson and Portland: Are There Better Ways?

6.  NOVEMBER 4: Looking More Deeply Into Ferguson

7.  NOVEMBER 8: Learning From Ferguson: Preventing Others

To see the CBS timeline regarding the events in and around Ferguson CLICK HERE.

What’s ahead?

  • The Grand Jury decision whether or not to charge Officer Darren Wilson.
  • If he is charged, there most likely will be a lengthy trial.
  • If convicted, Wilson could appeal the decision.
  • In the meantime, tension builds not only in the streets of Ferguson and nearby St. Louis, but also in many of our nation’s cities.
  • Whatever the outcome, I hope that we all have learned something from this — learnings that will help reduce the number of “Fergusons” in the future.
  • That’s how some good can come of all this…


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