1. You know, I was asked in a four-day diversity seminar once what my bias(es) are. I told the facilitators that not only is a bias (most people said theirs were racial) a dangerous psycho-pathology, biases (or more candidly bigotries) are imbecilic. Not convinced this lets-move-forward (whatever that means) or the race-brave approaches are constructive. More conducive to the reality that race is a meaningless concept (except to the racists) is the promulgation that racists and especially cops with racist attitudes have a problem, a dangerous and anti-human problem. This isn’t just Archie Bunker sitting on his chair and extolling amusing idiotic analyses. To the precise extent we deny this, we have a problem.


  2. That’s an inspiring speech, and brought up something that troubled me. People who claim to be color blind usually seem to me to be in denial. I’m not color blind, I notice people who don’t look like me. I don’t think ill of them, but I do notice them. She also didn’t whine, or make excuses, she just had a good, practical speech that anyone can act on. Thanks for sharing it!


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