The Case For Apology: A Video

A Case for Apology

This is a video I put together to try and explain the necessity of a nation-wide apology by past and present police and their leaders to begin the healing process and the restoration of trust between police and communities of color.


  1. I agree with you Chief Couper. I believe in apologies and asking for forgiveness whenever appropriate. A sincere apology could regain some of the trust and respect we’ve lost over time. Although I can only imagine how a public apology by the chief could be interpreted by many inside the police organization. I believe it’s much easier to apologize for misconduct that occurred 50 years ago. I think an apology should be related to some specific wrongdoing by one of your personnel. In other words it should be timely and specific.

    I’ve frequently said that our profession needs to return to the title, and the practice, of peace officers. Law enforcement is important and dangerous work. Problem Oriented Policing is difficult and time consuming. Both must be embraced and supported by police chiefs and sheriffs in order to develop real working police/community partnerships. Working together on crime and the conditions that contribute to crime will go a long way toward Interpersonal relationships that build respect and trust.

    John Welter
    Police Chief (retired)
    San Diego PD 1971-2004
    Anaheim PD 2004-2013


  2. Reblogged this on improving police and commented:

    As we begin this New Year, I am moved to republish this blog. It is a call for police, current and past, to stand up and begin healing the wound of mistrust that plagues our nation’s police. Now is the time.

    See my webpage for a text on this important subject as a national task force meets to address our current problems in policing.

    As we move forward, let this be a year of healing and trust-building.


  3. Oops leaped before I looked (I had been all over the sight and finally found it) My apologies and please forgive me for jumping the gun. I found my post and appreciate your reply. I thought I had fine tooth combed the whole site.


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