A Sad, Sad Day in Madison

madison-protestUnarmed Black youth shot and killed by police.

A sad, sad day in Madison, Wisc. Many questions…

“Police were calling for restraint Saturday in Madison, Wis., after the fatal shooting of an African-American teenager that sparked demonstrations.

“Police Chief Mike Koval said Saturday it is ‘absolutely appropriate’ for protesters to express their feelings after a police officer shot the teen Friday night, but he called for restraint, adding that an outside agency will investigate the incident.

“Koval said the incident occurred after an officer — called to investigate a man jumping into traffic — followed the teenager to a nearby apartment and forced his way in after apparently hearing a disturbance, the Wisconsin State Journal reported.

“Koval told reporters that the teenager ‘then assaulted my officer and in the context of mutual combat, the officer did draw his revolver and subsequently shot the subject.’ He said more than one shot was fired.

“A large crowd gathered at the scene, some carrying signs and shouting ‘black lives matter,’ but dispersed during the early morning hours. The crowd included demonstrators and organizers from the Young, Gifted & Black Coalition, the Journal reported.

“Mayor Paul Soglin, who went to the scene shortly after the incident, called the shooting ‘an enormous tragedy.’

“‘We’ve got a family that’s really hurting, and we’ve got a city and neighborhood that’s feeling pretty hurt themselves,’ Soglin told reporters.

“Members of the group held a public meeting Saturday afternoon to discuss a community response to the incident, WKOW reported…”

— Reported by Doug Stanglin, USA Today. Read the full article HERE.


  1. I am so sorry for this tragedy in Madison; I would like to send blessings for the family and thank you and bless you for the kindness of your heart and the work you are doing. This is a very sad and tragic day.


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