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Retired LAPD Captain John Mutz
Retired LAPD Captain John Mutz

Leading From the Front  

Retired police officer John Mutz recently reported from Washington where a group of police officers have travelled in order to provide input on improving our nation’s police. See my earlier blog HERE.

“I am in DC now meeting with a group of police officers from around the country who are leading change in the police culture. I have joined this extraordinary group by invitation to share my thoughts with them and I am in awe of their courage and persistence in spite of significant retaliation from their respective police agencies. We have benefitted from dialogue in several meetings.
“We have also been meeting with the offices of several members of the Black Congressional Caucus here in the Capitol building.
“It is all very powerful and I believe will add to the momentum for justice  and honest solutions for the breakdowns in the police service in our country. The President’s TF is due to complete its report in this area after meetings around the country and we have been asked to comment on the recommendations in the report. I am at home with this group of amazing women and men and feel encouraged and humbled by their interest and support.
“Looking forward to sharing more about this experience and what I have learned that is relevant to our work to help lead change in policing. Last night we had an exciting conversation about new metrics for policing that reflect alignment with a new paradigm in policing. Hope this message finds you all well.”
Mutz is a retired LAPD police captain. He enjoyed a wide range of assignments in investigation, crisis management, administration and supervisory and leadership development. During the last ten years of his career he served as a captain in several commands in Los Angeles. He his credited with translating the quality improvement philosophy and process from the manufacturing sector to law enforcement following the Rodney King incident. His work was awarded “best in government” for implementing the quality process at the Wilshire Area Station by the California Council for Quality and Service (CCQS). He currently works as a leadership coach, mediator, and advocate for excellent police service and community partnership.

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