Boise Gets It

images-1Mike Masterson recently retired after serving a decade as the chief of police in Boise, Idaho. Before going to Boise, Mike served many years with the Madison, Wisc. police and retired as a captain.

During his Madison career he was a leader in Community-Oriented Policing and Quality Leadership. He carried many of those ideas with him to Boise as the following video illustrates. This short video captures much of what I have been teaching over the years about the role of police in a democracy and the importance of true community-oriented policing.

In the past, I have identified a number of police departments that have come to my attention which “get it;” that is, they understand the role of police in a democracy and the importance of being community-oriented and upholding the values of our great nation.

  • I have highlighted Madison, Wisc., Kalamazoo, Mich. and Boise, Ida. Are there others out there? Let me know.


  1. What would the Boise Police Department do if it had an Occupied Wall Street movement in the city and would they have obey their corporate masters in destroying the movement?


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