Six Minute Primer On Slavery in America

Our national problem is racial bias — conscious and unconscious. We study history, it is said, so that we do not repeat our mistakes.

In order for us and our police to move forward we need to get our biases toward race in check.

It’s who we are as a free and democratic society and it compromises two of our most sacred values — EQUALITY and FAIRNESS.

Find out more about the Equal Justice Initiative HERE.

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  1. Is it true that one of the l;largest and earliest slave owners was a black man? Not denying white guilt. Poverty has a lot to do with the disproportionate incarceration rate. 50% of murders caused by black men who make up 12% of the population. Where are the leaders, black or white incouraging, blacks to study, stay in school, shy away from a majority of rap music. Rap lyrics, where I to tell a kid you are worthless, black as in black rap culture, your worthless, never amt to much, ( you are living the life of gangs and drugs( you treat women as less than etc and I tell them over and over this is all they have with a enchanting beat, should I expect a majority to be in bed by ten?


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