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There are over 500 posts on this website which I developed four years ago to help our nation’s police improve. For example:


  • Leadership.
  • Leading change.
  • Defining quality policing.
  • Rating your police.
  • Hiring and training police.
  • Responding to public protest.
  • Officer-involved shootings.
  • Use of deadly force.
  • Living your values.
  • And many, many more.

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I speak from a perspective spanning over 50 years — over 30 of them as an active police officer and leader — then as a writer and commentator.

Over 1,200 people follow this blog both from the U.S. and from over 130 countries around the world.

Police and their improvement is an important topic for any society that is committed to democratic principles and a high quality of life for its citizens.

And, remember, police improvement is everyone’s job whether you are an active police officer or citizen.

  • Improvement happens when we all work together!