Police Task Force: The Top 14

This is the first national commission on police in 40 years. It is some good work that addresses the crisis in which we now find ourselves. Now let’s go about implementing these recommendations city by city.

Citizens: Ask you police to tell you how they are doing in meeting these standards. Ask them if they need help. Then help them.

Improving Police: A Necessary Conversation

Available at http://createspace.com/5220934 Available at http://createspace.com/5220934

Here’s what I think are the top recommendations of The President’s Task Force on Policing at least as far as my experience has taken me.

I have long argued throughout my 30+ year police career, and in the books I have written, that in order to improve policing in America and rebuild trust between police and those whom they serve we need to have officers who are smart, well-trained, controlled in use of force, honest, respectful, and willing to work with people in solving community problems.

To that end the Task Force has helped me make my case. I thank them for considering what I have written. Now the work begins. And the work is that of leadership. What one will our nation’s police leaders do? And how will we help them?

The Top Recommendations (my list)

Building Trust and Legitimacy

1. Law enforcement culture should embrace…

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