Officer: There’s Work to Do!

Unknown-1The Results of the AP-NORC Center’s July, 2015 Poll on Law Enforcement and Violence

  1. Black Americans are nearly four times as likely as whites to describe violence against civilians by police officers as an extremely or very serious problem.
  2. More than 80 percent of blacks say police are too quick to use deadly force and they are more likely to use it against a black person.  Two-thirds of whites label police use of deadly force as necessary and nearly 6 in 10 say race is not a factor in decisions to use force.
  3. There is support among both blacks and whites for many changes in policies and procedures that could be effective in reducing tensions between law enforcement and minorities and limiting police violence against civilians. For example, 71 percent say body cameras on police would be an effective deterrent to police aggression and 52 percent think community policing programs would help reduce the friction in minority communities.

And yet an opinion chasm continues to exist between blacks and whites:

  • While nearly 80 percent of blacks say that violence against civilians by police officers is an extremely or very serious problem less than 20 percent of whites see it this way.

Read the entire article HERE. And key findings HERE.

  • As I have continued to write, we are at a crisis point in American policing and it is up to THE POLICE to do something about it to insure fair and effective, color-blind policing.
  • POLICE need also to strongly state their (new) commitment to preserving life by implementing new policies, training, practices, oversight, and leadership to make sure their words fit their actions.
  • This is a clarion-call for police to practice REAL COMMUNITY-ORIENTED POLICING; being closer to the people — listening to the people — unconditionally respecting everyone — solving problems with the community — being more transparent — and very controlled in their use of force; especially that which is deadly!

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