One Week to Go: Midwest Conference on 21st Century Policing

th-3I am excited! Within a short period of time over 60 police and community leaders have agreed to come together and craft a way forward out of the crisis.

We have Sue Rahr, a member of the President’s Commission on 21st Century Policing, giving a keynote speech on the work of the Commission and her experience in Washington State improving police training. Sue comes from a 30+ year career in law enforcement.

We have Capt. Jim Mallery coming in from Kalamazoo talking about his department’s experience with neighborhood policing and “wow” service to the community and Capt. Chip Huth from Kansas City and his experience with unconditional respect as the commander of a SWAT team.

Everett Mitchell, on the staff of the University of Wisconsin at Madison, former county prosecutor, and pastor will take us through the problematic USSC decision on Graham v. Connor and give us legal, moral and minority perspective on that decision and police use of deadly force.

My long-time dear friend, Prof. Herman Goldstein will be joining us and introducing Sue Rahr. There will be break-out sections during lunch involving police, community members, and elected officials and I will be giving a wrap-up and how organizational improvement is implemented and sustained.

So far, with a week to go the registrants are about 1/2 police and 1/2 community — in itself a remarkable figure which I believe demonstrates the importance we all have of police and community working together for a better future.

So far, and we have a week to go, there are roughly 6 police chiefs registered, 16 other police leaders, 6 criminal justice faculty members, 4 human rights advocates, 5 elected officials, a prosecutor, a mental advocate, and the rest identify themselves as community leaders or members.

It’s not too late to register. Just send me your name, address, phone number, email and group you represent to

Find the full agenda HERE.

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