30 Guiding Principles

th-1This is one of the major breakthroughs in American policing: a set of 30 guiding principles on the use of force. Now the work begins. Now is when high quality leadership is needed and for community leaders to held with their implementation. Together we can do this!

Here’s 10 of the 20 recommendations for a starter:


Use of Force: Taking Policing to a Higher Standard

January 29, 2016

30 Guiding Principles

  1. The sanctity of human life should be at the heart of everything an agency does.
  1. Departments should adopt policies that hold themselves to a higher standard than the legal requirements of Graham v. Connor.
  2. Police use of force must meet the test of proportionality.
  3. Adopt de-escalation as formal agency policy.
  4. The Critical Decision-Making Model provides a new way to approach critical incidents.
  5. Duty to intervene: Officers need to prevent other officers from using excessive force.
  6. Respect the sanctity of life by promptly rendering first aid.
  7. Shooting at vehicles must be strictly prohibited.
  8. Prohibit use of deadly force against individuals who pose a danger only to themselves
  9. Document use-of-force incidents, and review your data and enforcement practices to ensure that they are fair and non-discriminatory.


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