“Not On My Watch!

Unknown-1Standing up and Speaking Out!

Last year I was continually posting a strong message for police to stand up and speak out — against racism and bigotry – even when it happens within their own ranks.

Now Chief Greg Suhr of the San Francisco Police Department has led such a movement. You can check it out HERE.

But do view the following outstanding video:


Here is the pledge:

  • I pledge to serve the people of [my city] faithfully and honestly without prejudice.
  • I will not tolerate hate or bigotry in our community or from my fellow officers.
  • I will confront intolerance and report any such conduct without question or pause.
  • I will maintain the integrity of [my]Department and safeguard the trust of the people of [my city].
  • I will treat members of the community as I would hope to be treated myself.
  • I will pursue justice with compassion and respect the dignity of others.



The following are four posts that represent what I have been saying about the importance of police to stand up and speak out. We all know actions speak louder than words and that is why LEADERSHIP — and I mean every officer as a leader — will save the day and move policing forward to its highest level.

Press on!