Looking back — Moving forward!

Police Chief-Turned Pastor Driven To Reform Law Enforcement

This was a video put together by Liz Cullin of WCCO-TV (a CBS affiliate) in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area after about two hours of interviewing.

I think Liz did a great job of capturing some of the issues facing our nation’s police.

This interview fits in quite well with two earlier blogs of mine looking back earlier in my police career:




  1. What gain to society is there when you feed the crumbs of your table to the poor under your banquet table and build an army of police officers to control the up rise?

    I read in a book once, twice and three times that the results are not very good for the controlling ones at the top.

    Only in a top down society do we hear so much talk about minimum wages. Those at the top don’t set limits like that over their lives and they are growing in numbers and living very well with their increases.

    POLICE WORK is effected by those decisions.


  2. Unsolved Major Crime

    You heard people at the bottom talk about having better wages, but the upper crust ignored them and then they demand that the police deal in suppressing them and the police do the upper crust bidding. Yes, police work is affected by those decisions made at the top; however, the police can’t or are unwilling to make the connections plus having no backbone to stand up to the upper crust.


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