Robocop is Here!

images-4Can humans be replaced by robots? And can robots do a better job than police in making critical decisions? After all, driver-less cars (transportation robots) are already on the road and expected to be better and safer drivers than their human counterparts.

Recently, a robot was used to terminate a shooter in Dallas who was believed to have shot and killed police officers assisting in a peaceful demonstration.

Robocop, portrayed in the 1987 film by that name may already be here and on active duty.

Take a look at this new breed of police officers who will be coming to a neighborhood near you. CLICK HERE for the video.

Unarmed robots can also be used to rescue victims and deliver a flotation device to those shipwrecked.

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READ HERE for an article describing eleven police robots already serving around the world and another one from “Robotics Tomorrow.”

Truly, tomorrow is already here. How might this change policing as many of us know it?

The manufacturer of the robots currently used to patrol parking lots and corporate properties in Silicon Valley says his bots cost $6.25/hour. That’s about $55,000 a year for 24/7 patrol services, 365 days a year.