Stockholm Award in Criminology

“The world’s most prestigious prize in the field of criminology has been awarded to Professor Herman Goldstein for a lifetime of contributions to the field of policing.”

Today, Prof. Herman Goldstein will receive the Stockholm Prize in Criminology. His remarks, I can assure you, will be worth hearing and pondering. I hope various police departments and related community groups will tune in to what I believe will be a simulcast of his remarks. If not, I will be publishing his remarks on this blog as soon as I get them.

You can view the presentation HERE at 12 noon CST, Wednesday, July 12, 2018

The Stockholm Prize in Criminology is the world’s most prestigious award in the field of criminology. The prize has been awarded since 2006, and recognizes outstanding achievements in criminological research or for the application of research results by practitioners for the reduction of crime and the advancement of human rights.

How do police achieve better results? By applying the insights of a scholar who aims at patterns of crime problems, not just one incident at a time.

Professor Herman Goldstein
Prof. Herman Goldstein, University of Wisconsin Law School – Madison

“The international jury for the Stockholm Prize in Criminology recognizes University of Wisconsin Law School Professor Herman Goldstein as the world’s most influential scholar on modern police strategy. His work has prompted police to focus more on improving the overall outcomes of police work and less on traditional tasks that may have little public benefit. The essence of his critique was that policing was not sufficiently focused on accomplishing specific goals connected to specific problems.”

[Ed. Note: As a friend and mentee of Herman for 40 some years, I know this prize could not go to a better human being.]

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