Let’s Learn All About Police Leadership — Together!

This is an experiment. I would like to engage a number of police officers in the topic of leadership. To be a forum. A dialogue. To help you become an even better leader or to prepare you to step into leadership.

Over the years, I have learned some things and shared them on this blog site. What has been lacking is a dialogue, and exchange. So, I am using Google Classroom to begin our adventure.

In it you will become acquainted with current literature outside (and inside) the filed of policing. New ideas. Old ones, too– which have stood the test of time like the Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu, who in the 5th century, b.c.e. wrote:

Leaders are best

When people barely know they exist

Not so good

When people proclaim and obey them

Worse when they despise them

But of good leaders

Who talk little

When work is done

Their aim fulfilled

People will say

“We did it ourselves!”

If you are interested, go to https://classroom.google.com/u/0/h and I hope to see you there!

The class code is: k13nxj

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