Minnesota Steps Up

What the Minnesota Legislature Passed (If They Can Do It, Why Can’t You?)

By Torey Van Oot

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“The Minnesota Legislature has approved a sweeping police accountability package after two months of negotiations and debate sparked by the Memorial Day death of George Floyd. Briana Bierschbach sums it up in today’s Star Tribune:

“The bill, one of the most substantial changes to the state’s criminal justice system in years, includes a statewide ban on chokeholds and neck restraints — such as the one used on Floyd — and a prohibition on warrior-style training for officers. It enhances data collection around deadly force encounters, requires officers to intervene and creates a new state unit to investigate such cases. The bill boosts funding for crisis intervention training, creates a panel of expert arbitrators to handle police misconduct cases and establishes incentives for officers to live in the communities they police.

“Gov. Tim Walz is expected to sign the bill, which you can read in full here…”