View the incident HERE.

Another iconic event in police malpractice. Black officers at fault? Why would Black police do this to another person of color?

Of course this would happen, because if you follow and study policing in America, you will learn that when a violent, toxic subculture is present in a police organization, it will always overshadow matters of race or gender. — even training and policy!

This can become a reality by developing a culture and leaders who believe, teach, and model the good practices that are necessary to field a trusted and effective policing function in a free society.

It’s not about streamlining the system to fire bad cops as they act out, but to develop a new organizational culture that respects people and their rights, selects and hires educated, emotionally intelligent police who are then well-trained to be respectful to others, controlled in their use of force, and mentored by mature leaders. Better to do this before than after something happens.

This means re-imagining how we police our nation and model our nation’s founding values.

Is your city prepared to do this? If not, brace your community for another Memphis, Los Angeles, Chicago, or Minneapolis. It’s inevitable unless you take immediate action!

What to do? Read my book and follow this blog.


More: a chronology of events HERE from the Washington Post.


  1. Definitely horrible policing. I’m not convinced that the “most” in your statement is accurate, though — “the violent, toxic subculture present in most police organizations.” Hard to measure across 18,000 agencies so realistically we don’t know if it’s “most” or “some.”


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