Police Amnesia

A most pertinent, timely and historical article in the Baltimore Sun by friend and colleague Karl Bikel had been published in the Baltimore Sun yesterday.

Again, in case you’ve missed it, the root cause of the problem of police violence in America is simply this: a subculture based on violence has been overly resistant to reform. And so this subculture eats gender and even race for breakfast!

Read Karl’s full article HERE.

BTW: Karl retired from the Department of Justice. He was previously second in command of the Frederick County, Maryland, Sheriff’s Office; an assistant professor of criminal justice and veteran of a major city police department. We’ve been in communication for years now.

He writes in part: “In the words of the late John Timoney of the New York City Police Department, ‘Those who don’t study history are doomed to repeat it … and those who study policing know we don’t study history’…

“Until police leaders study history and begin to take on the task of changing the police subculture we will continue to see these incidents and the public’s diminishing trust and confidence in our police.”

And so we say it… again, and again, and again!

Study history and improve!

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