Step Three: LISTEN!


Police leaders must intently listen to their officers and  members of the community.

Chapter Six of my book is about the SEVEN NECESSARY STEPS that must be taken in order to improve our nation’s police.

Last week, I discussed Step Two (selecting the finest and brightest). This week is about LISTENING. There is no greater gift we can give to another person! Learning how to deeply and generously listen is a key to not only building great police departments, but other organizations as well.

“This book is about more than change – it is about transformation. And transformation involves conversion, inside work, not just a change in appearance. The transformation of a police organization first begins inside its members. Much of what I have written here may be new and startling to some. But it shouldn’t be foreign to those who are watching and listening to  what is happening in the world today. The non-hierarchical pro-democracy movements around the world are really a harbinger of the kind of police organization I envision. In order for the American police to attain the high level of professional excellence that I believe they are capable of, they will have to undergo this kind of transformation.”       

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