“The Best of Our Knowledge” An Interview with Jim Fleming

As many of you know, I was Chief of the Madison, Wisconsin Police Department for more than twenty years.  Though I’ve spent much of the past two decades in the ministry, I continue to care deeply about police and their role in preserving the peace and assuring justice in our society.

In my new book “Arrested Development” I talk about my years of service and the fact that only one percent of police departments require college degrees from their officers.  If I could change only one thing, that would be it.  For me. it would be the first step to overcome on of the fours obstacles (anti-intellectualism) that have tended to “arrest” the forward progress of our nation’s police.

In the following uncut interview with Jim Fleming, I relate some of my arguments as to why our nation’s police need improvement.

To hear my interview with Jim Fleming on NPR’s “The Best of Our Knowledge.” CLICK HERE