POLICE TRANSFORMATION: The Role of a Teaching Workbook


PART 6 of 10

 The Quality Leadership Workbook played a big part in our/my process of transformation because it described the values, vision, mission, practices and direction in which we needed to go.

The Workbook was used to train leaders and then as a teaching format when I and other department leaders went out and shared with other police agencies what we were doing and what we had accomplished.

The Workbook, by the hundreds, continued to be requested by other police departments years after my retirement.

Since that time, there have been many changes in our society: An emphasis on domestic terrorism, the Patriot Act, hard economic times, and wars on drugs. It was now time to update it.

The Workbook is like finding something old and well-tested, yet, at the same time something quite new. We hope you enjoy considering the questions it raises and the exercises in which you are invited to participate.

The Workbook highlights the important characteristics that are needed of a transformational leader: vision, commitment, persistence, the ability to hear, not just listen, to both employees and citizens and then, together, to act on what has been learned.

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