“Praemonitus, Praemunitus” — Sifting and Winnowing Criminal Justice Issues

Following the euphonious  Latin proverb,Praemonitus, praemunitus” (“Forewarned, forearmed”) is a most necessary practice for effective criminal justice professionals today.

With that in mind, I want to thank all of you out there who follow this blog. I hope it helps you to be both forewarned and forearmed. While I don’t receive a lot of comments from you, I do know that you are “tuning in.” And in this changing, challenging effort to pursue justice, that’s very encouraging.

To help you (some of whom are my students) keep in touch with the many areas, facets, conflicts, and intrigues of our criminal justice system, I Tweet/Facebook on an almost daily basis what I think are interesting stories, events, research findings, and critical issues — matters that may affect, challenge, or provide “forewarning” for those who work (or may seek to work) in the area of policing, courts, or corrections.

So, with this in mind, I encourage you to follow me on both Twitter and Facebook as well as this blog.

[P.S. I do try and stay away from “politics” and present more than one side of an issue (but you can decide that!)]



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