Gary Cordner: “The Monster that Ate Police Education in America”

Yup, I was first in this struggle years ago at the Univ. of Minn. What do we want to “come out the spout?” I want cops who will thrive in the coming years and that, my friends, is a strong, foundational liberal arts education with deep knowledge of research in the field of policing. Struggle on!

See Prof. Cordner’s original article HERE,

Corridor Conversations

The re-print below from the blog of Prof. Gary Cordner is an always-timely thought about what we miss when police education is diverted into the fields of criminology and broad criminal justice.  George Kelling has expressed this concern many times over the years.  It’s not a knock on criminology as criminology or the legitimacy of that discipline as a separate area of social science inquiry.  We’ll leave that to the sociologists, like the ones who reduced Northeastern University’s  College of Criminal Justice (Gary’s alma mater, btw)  to an academic department.  This concern is about what we lose when we soften our focus on the art and science of policing.

As both profession and institution policing has much to teach us. It would make for better-informed police personnel and a more knowledgeable society.  If I were king, police research would be a legitimate career path for sworn personnel.  Like doctors…

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