Real Community-Oriented Policing ala LAPD

“The Community Safety Partnership is solid evidence… that guardian policing is part of the solution to conflict between police and community. If it works for the housing projects of Los Angeles, it can work anywhere” — LAPD Chief Beck and Attny. Connie Rice

It is becoming apparent that the Los Angeles Police Department is capable of making (and hopefully sustaining and leading) significant reforms. The above news story tells a bit of it.

Hear how Chief Charlie Beck asked Connie Rice (a former civil rights attorney) to join his team and demonstrate what real community oriented policing is. She developed the model that became the Watts COP Project.

Hear what she had to say at the May, 2017 conference at the Hammer Museum at UCLA, “Strategies for Law Enforcement Reform 25 Years After Rodney King.”

You may also want to check this dissertation on the Watts COP Project. and the NYT Op-ed, “How Community Policing Can Work,” by Beck and Rice.

  • REAL Community-Oriented Policing can be achieved and sustained!


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