Managing Police Use of Deadly Force: Where Are We Now?

The fatal shooting of Walter Scott in North Charleston in April, 2015

I ran across a most interesting podcast from Prof. David A. Harris on his site, “Criminal (In)justice” concerning where we are today in struggling with the reasonable use of force by police. In this podcast, Harris has recently interviewed George Washington University law profess Cynthia Lee who updates us on bills in the California and Maryland legislatures addressing this problem.

During the last five years, case after case of “questionable” uses of police killing unarmed citizens – even people running away (as in North Charleston).

More often than not, police officers who use deadly force do not face charges and when they do, juries often acquit them.

Listen to this excellent discussion on this current topic — where we seem to be headed after Graham v. Connor (1989)

Professor Cynthia Lee, is one of the leading thinkers on use of force law, and she’ll discuss proposed changes.


Use the search engine to find many other blog posts on use of deadly force and measures that need to be taken to restore trust of police.

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