1. This is written from the heart and soul of an officer who understands and acts with the honor and integrity of doing his job.

    We all want to honor and respect our police and the courage they show daily.

    But it is a sad and horrific day when
    you have experienced firsthand
    corruption as you just ask for justice
    for your child who was brutally murdered.

    When the perjury, obstruction of justice, misconduct in office, withholding of evidence and blatant
    ridicule by police is in your face,
    you are now a Mother who’s living
    nightmare has deepened and beaten you down to the core.

    I will continue my fight for justice despite the evil police that I am encountering and pray for justice to be served.

    The Immunity laws must be reformed now. They are being abused and used to protect the police who choose corruption over
    crime fighting.

    We must unite to bring transparency and truth.


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      1. Please sign my petition on Change.org and share. Justice for Joseph Miranda.

        We must end the corruption and cover up that is at the core of law enforcement across our country. So many have lived this horrendous injustice and torment as they plead for justice for their loved ones. We must have CHANGE now that is long overdue. Thank you


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