Excellence in Policing: What is It?

What is excellence in policing?

Try digesting the following nine points and the included links and see what happens. Are you able to look deeply into yourself? To see, perhaps, what others see? And then, do you have the courage to change what you do not like about yourself and how you do your work?

Our ability to do this makes us human. Embrace the journey!

Excellence in Policing

1. Have a strong, democratic and constitutional understanding of the rule of law and due process.

2. Be able to model the values of fairness, honesty, equality, and personal restraint.

3. Be committed to protect those most vulnerable in society; be a guardian, practice Procedural Justice.

4. Use the problem solving method in approaching challenges your work and home life.

5. Be committed to life-long learning and Continuous Improvement in work, family, health, and spiritual development.

6. Understand and improve your Emotional Intelligence.

7. Establish trust and support among those you serve.

8. When in the position of leading or directing others, model the above values and practice Servant Leadership and understand the Principles of Quality Leadership.

9. Value humor and the ability to laugh at yourself at home and at work.


What do you think? Should other points be added? Others not so important?