“We’re Not Coming Back…”

Join Tom Mosgaller as he travels to visit me on my farm in south-central Wisconsin. As many of you may know, I was chief of police in Madison, Wisconsin, from 1972 to 1993. I retired to become a priest in the Episcopal Church, where I now serve.

Tom and I talk about how I went about transforming the Madison (Wisc.) police department into a national and international model through a tough-minded analysis of how systems work and care for those we are privileged to lead. In this podcast, I share my introduction to quality, how I introduced quality principles into a police culture, and what my officers and I learned and accomplished together.

With a constancy of purpose, I continue to express and write about my desire to see policing continuously improve in our society.

The title of this podcast is “We’re Not Coming Back” and it comes from an important learning. The job of a leader is to make others feel safe, to know you care for them — “I need you to come with us. I will help you and your anxiety…. But we’re not coming back. We’re moving forward.”

Enjoy the discussion. Perhaps there’s some learnings here for you as well.

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To check out the book, “Bending Granite: 30+ True Stories About Leading Change,” updates, and more info on “continuous improvement” visit the website.

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